Danhôo - Être de lumière

Danhôo - Être de lumière

Feb 27 - Mar 21, 2020

(Danhôo, French artist with Chinese origin, born in 1966, Vietnam)

A2Z Art Gallery is proud to present Danhôo’s second solo exhibition in Paris.

In this exhibition, Danhôo continues to present his world of introspective research through abstract paintings. “Abstract paintings are autonomous images that do not refer to anything but themselves.” said art and history critic Vanessa Morisset. They are similar to the icons of the Orthodox religion which shows the presence of content rather than represent it. But unlike these religious images, abstract paintings are far from appearances. They reveal the existence of the reality, until invisible and unknown. According to different cultures, backgrounds and convictions, each artist determines in his way to reveal the existence of reality by abstract painting.

Danhôo’s pictorial compositions refer to a double culture: the writing of ideograms and the abstract gesture. Both of them contain an entity that has always been an element of visual cues since the genesis of his creation. The two colors: black and white, symbolize the idea of balance and also a reference to his research of light.

Based on calligraphy, Danhôo’s work consists of a wide chromatic spectrum corresponding to his instant mood. Day by day, Danhôo confronts himself with one of the most important things for a lot of artists, which is the investigation of light.

Being essential on Earth, light means for the artist to preserve life: the pictorial projection embodies a quest: that of a man who allows everyone to reveal his existence as a being of light.

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