1. Bao Vuong - The Crossing

    Dec 3 2020 - Jan 9, 2021, A2Z Art Gallery Paris

    A2Z Art Gallery is pleased to present “The Crossing”, Bao Vuong's first solo exhibition at the gallery in Paris. 

    “My whole family survived. We didn't know how we could survive when traveling at sea. I was only one year old at the time.”

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  2. Shiori Eda

    Shiori Eda is a Japanese artist born in Tokyo in 1983. She graduated from the National University of Fine Arts in Tokyo in 2010, and won numerous awards including: Kume Award (2005), Ataka Award (2006), Spring Salon Award (2008), Ohashi Award (2008), Taro Amano Award (2010). Shiori Eda was then noticed by the famous Japanese painter Kyosuke TCHINAI.

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