Personal Data

1. Type of personal data
The term 'personal data' applies to all personal information (particularly the user name, password, name, surname, date of birth, email and postal addresses) that Internet users may disclose to A2Z Art Gallery when subscribing to the A2Z Art Store newsletter via the "NEWSLETTER" section of the Website and/or in respect of any message sent via the "Contact" section of the Website. The said data, irrespective of its type, shall directly or indirectly make it possible for A2Z Art Gallery to identify and improve knowledge about Internet users and send them its newsletter and/or respond to their messages. When the Internet user discloses personal data, the said Internet user shall answer questions asked during the subscription process for the A2Z Art Store newsletter and thus communicate precise information, which shall not prejudice the interests or rights of third parties.

2. Consent
No datum of a personal nature shall be collected without the personal consent of the Internet user concerned. The optional or compulsory nature of the items to be disclosed to A2Z Art Gallery for this purpose shall be stated to Internet users beforehand. Said Internet users shall not be required under any circumstances to disclose any personal data to A2Z Art Gallery. However, in the event of refusal by the Internet user, A2Z Art Gallery shall not be in a position to send the newsletter to the Internet user concerned and/or respond to their messages. In all events, if the Internet user does not wish or no longer wishes to receive the newsletter from A2Z Art Gallery, the said Internet user may inform A2Z Art Gallery accordingly by sending an email to the following address: In all events, the Internet user shall also have the option of cancelling his or her subscription to the A2Z Art Store newsletter by clicking a hypertext ink included directly in each issue of the said newsletter sent to the Internet user in question.

3. Identity of the party responsible for processing personal data
The A2Z Art Gallery company is responsible for collecting and processing personal data from the Website.

4. Recipient(s) of personal data
The A2Z Art Gallery company is the sole recipient of personal data collected from the Website. Personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties.

5. Internet user rights
In accordance with the French Freedom of Information and Technology law (No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978), the Website has been registered for automatic processing of personal data with the CNIL (Receipt no. 1724845 v 0). Each Internet user may exercise his or her right to access, rectify, supplement, update, lock, cancel and delete the personal data regarding the Internet user in question, to oppose its processing, to request a limitation to this processing, and to request the portability of its personal data. To exercise the above rights, the Internet user may contact A2Z Art Gallery by email at the following address:
To exerce those rights, the User can contact by email A2Z Art Gallery at the following address :
The User can also do a reclamation to a control authority, the CNIL in France, in case of violation of those rights.

6. Cookies
A2Z Art Gallery may create a "cookie" (alphanumeric identifier) in the hard drive of the Internet user's computer solely with the aim of recognizing the said user when he or she subsequently views the Website.
The term of conservation of information concerning browsing by the Internet user, as provided by the "cookie" on the Website, shall not exceed one year. The Internet user is reminded that he or she may prevent cookies from being created on his or her hard drive by configuring their Internet browsing software accordingly (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.). To this end, the Internet user is referred accordingly to the user guide of their Internet browsing software ("Help" section of the browser's toolbar) or may obtain any such information from the publisher of the said software.